Friday, April 10, 2015

Creature comforts

As she approaches nine years old, Bärli is starting to slow down. The downside to owning any large breed of dog is that they don't live nearly long enough, and most Bernese Mountain Dogs live at best 10-12 years, with exceptions at both ends of that of course. We are lucky that B has been extremely healthy so we're hopeful we will have her for some time yet. But she has started to tire more easily on walks and her attitude has changed from willing-to-please to all-in-my-own-good-time. If I get up to let the dogs out in the morning and it's dark, Bärli just lies there and thumps her tail, refusing to go out, and no amount of tugging on her collar will shift her 55 kilo frame from the mat. While I'm working, she waits until I'm on the phone before relocating from the wooden floor under my desk to the soft carpet in the stairway. When told to sit for dinner, her rear-end never quite makes it to the ground. Mostly, she prefers to relax on the lounge, and instead of asking permission to get up she now just climbs up whenever the opportunity is presented. She might not be the smartest dog around, but she's sure not silly. Just indolent.

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  1. Oh, sweet dog! I hope you have her for a long time yet!