Thursday, June 19, 2014

The egg famine is over

We've had no home laid eggs for three months, since the hens' annual moult kicked in earlier than usual. Finally last week, one of the hens started laying an egg every couple of days. I know it is one of the two black Australorp girls because the eggs are pale and pointy. The Barnevelders lay rounder dark brown or speckled eggs. Now we just need the others to start up again. I am reliably informed that this should happen after the winter solstice in a couple of days... we'll see if that turns out to be correct. The four hens all look fat and healthy with all their glossy feathers grown back and bright red combs. Then we have four more point-of-lay pullets who are a bit small yet but should also start laying soon, and one more girl who is only 12 weeks old. I'm looking forward to seeing this cute chook shaped egg basket that David bought me over in Cygnet soon filled up with eggs. And all the yummy breakfasts, quiches, ice creams and cakes of course.


  1. Hi, just found your blog. we are also mainlander that have run away to Tasmania. We have only had our new girls ( lovely little bantam x) a months i'm hoping them will start laying end of winter. Will look at expanding out flock once winters over to i think.

    1. Good move Jo - hope you're enjoying life in Tassie and that your chooks start producing eggs for you soon!

  2. i havent had an egg since before christmas !!! Im giving them a couple of months and then all 4 will be getting the chop. costing me a fortune and getting nothing back.