Sunday, June 8, 2014

Denison Forest Drive

This morning we drove out to Judbury Market (second Sunday of every month) held in and around the community hall in Calvert Park, right on the Huon River. I bought some vegetables from this stall - check out the size of the swedes!

Afterwards, we continued west, past the old Snowy River trout farm and around the Denison Forest Drive circuit.  I had only been out past Judbury once before, to get to the start of the Lake Skinner and Snowy South walk. The forest drive is part of the southern forests and for the most part goes through regrowth forest in various stages following clearfelling some years ago, but we saw a surprising variety of vegetation, for example, patches of sub-alpine plants like pineapple grass as the road climbed towards towards 650 metres altitude. It was quite a long drive but interesting to see what's out there towards the end of the valley. One day I'll do the drive to the Derwent Valley via the Plenty Link Road. There has long been a proposal to upgrade this forestry road to a tourist drive linking the two valleys, with federal funding for a feasibility study. It would definitely be good to have an alternative for heading north and west to going around Mount Wellington and through Hobart. A trip to the Huon could become part of a circuit drive for visitors instead of sending them back the same way. At least that's the idea.

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