Sunday, February 9, 2014

St. Crispins Well

The original plan was to walk to Pulpit Rock and Mt Connection in the higher altitude parts of Wellington Park, but it was hot and with high winds forecast, it was decided to do a walk on the lower parts of Mount Wellington instead. A good decision, as it turned out. I was home before the crazy weather started - very high winds, rain, hail and long rolling thunder - the most I've heard in Tasmania yet I think. Today's walk along the Pipeline Track to St. Crispins Well afforded lovely views of Cathedral Rock (above). It was shady for the most part, and despite recent dry weather the waters flowed and the air was lovely and cool at the well itself.


  1. Hi Susan, came across your page by accident, also an ex-pat mainlander, Bernese Mountain Dog Owner. Moved in 2005.

    1. How funny. We run into other Berners at Kingston Beach quite often. Are you on the Bernese Social Club Tas group on Facebook?

    2. Yes I am Susan, and we live at Blackmans Bay, so are often at Kingston Beach. We also have an English Springer...but there is also another couple with a Berner and a Springer.