Monday, July 8, 2013

Mailbox substitute

One thing my creative husband was looking forward to about our move to 'the country' was having a cool mailbox. You know, those creatures along the roadside in rural areas: the milk cans painted as cows, gas bottles painted as pigs, microwave ovens, bits of old stuff cobbled together. David's plan was to build a UFO complete with lights and aliens. Only problem is, we don't actually have a mail delivery service where we live. We collect our mail from a PO box at the village post office. So no mailbox required.

Last year, David constructed a 'robot' to attract attention at a trade show. Made out of old computer parts, he had a 'face' that flashed red LED smiley lights. If you opened his 'chest', he played happy birthday (the Stevie Wonder version) or the Star Wars theme, from old musical birthday cards.

After the robot's job was done, he took up residence at first in the garage, then at the end of our driveway. We've seen people slow down for a look. I think he looks quite friendly, but one of the locals who drives past on his way to chop wood up in the forestry told us that the robot freaks him out!

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  1. All u need now are Dr. Smith and Wil Robinson..