Monday, April 8, 2013


Over summer we had the front door entrance area of our house enclosed in glass. Until then, the area immediately inside our house was almost always piled up with shoes and jackets, especially in winter, when we had to leave our gumboots outside but upturned in case they filled up with snow overnight. Wet and muddy shoes are normal where we live. It has been working a treat for shoe drying and storage so far... and a good sun-baking location for Lilly the cat.

But one thing was missing - something to hang coats on. At Cygnet Market a while back I saw some lovely coat racks made from recycled wood and metal hooks by Phoenix Creations, and took a business card so I could measure up the space and call to order some. They are made from re-used boat timbers and retain some of the paint and character of the wood. I love them. David attached them to the colourbond exterior of the house using the large recycled brass screws provided. Now the glass enclosed area is filled with the unmistakable scent of Huon Pine. This morning we put the coat racks to good use, as the light misty rain softly drenched us when we ventured out in raincoats to feed the chooks.

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