Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lenah Valley Track


Our walk in Wellington Park on Sunday included enough uphill stretches and was long enough to feel like I'd made an effort, but the well maintained tracks and the views made it feel easy. Starting at the end of Lenah Valley Road, we walked up the Lenah Valley Track, had morning tea at Junction Cabin and continued on for lunch at The Springs. Some of our party shared memories of eating and staying at The Springs Hotel that was burnt down during the terrible 1967 bush fires.

We returned down the "shared use" section of the North-South Track, which has special features built for mountain bike riders including rock jumps, ramps and large logs or fallen trees with a flat track carved the length of them - see photo above. It's a very pretty walk, affording great views of the pinnacle above and out to Hobart and beyond from Sphinx Rock, waterfalls, some rock scree and beautiful trees. Most of the people in our group have been walking on and around Mount Wellington for 20 or 30 years and still hadn't been on that particular track more than a few times. There are just so many great tracks up there to choose from.

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