Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Taste of The Huon

A huge crowd turned up at Ranelagh Showground today for day one of A Taste of the Huon. The organisers looked happy. They couldn't have asked for much better weather. Although after a day eating and drinking out in the hot Tasmanian sun (no I am not joking  - you need serious sunscreen and a hat here) I think a few punters will be a bit red and sore tonight.

We tried the new salmon sausages from Silver Hill Fisch, apparently set up by the daughter of the people that do the best German sausages around, Silver Hill Bratwurst. They were fantastic. A lovely glass (well, plastic cup) of Inn Cider. Then some salt and pepper calamari washed down with a glass of sauvignon blanc from Two Bud Spur. Finished up with an ice cream made from local organic produce. Yum, yum and yum. Caught up with a few friends and saw familiar faces from Cygneture chocolates, Chakaya Alpacas and more. This was a great day out and we enjoyed it so much more than the Taste Festival earlier this year.

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