Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Room to breathe

As you can imagine, we've been asked a lot why we moved to Tasmania. There are a lot of things we love about the place, but for me, the main reason to move here is low population density. Tasmania currently has a population of around half a million, compared to almost five million in Sydney. My stress levels have dropped dramatically simply by removing a few problems caused by having too many people packed into small living spaces, like traffic, queues and a crazy Russian neighbour who sings euro-pop karaoke in the backyard at 4am. When we read in the local paper that there were plans to house an extra 250,000 people on the peninsula we lived on (there are only two roads to get you off it), it was time to stop whinging and go. Put simply, here we have room (and clean air) to breathe.

When you look at many of the world's problems (water shortages, pollution, poverty, famine, war), most could be improved if we had fewer people. Sure, I realise these are very complex problems and there isn't a simple answer to any of them. But none of them can be improved by having MORE people on the planet.

February is Global Population Speak Out month. Have a look at the site to see why me and many others have spoken out for a sustainable population and global programs including access to safe family planning.

P.S. I am posting this during a visit to Sydney for work which only intensifies my feelings on this!


  1. I am SO hearing you on this topic. As well as food security, water and clean air becoming more important in the world scheme of things, the notion of space is also an oft overlooked commodity IMO. I truly relish the space that living rurally in Tasmania affords me. I can breathe easily here without having the hordes breathe down my neck as we all negotiate the clutter and grind of the urban environment.

  2. FINALLY, someone who can put into words what I've always felt.