Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet the girls

We collected Tikka, Teriyaki, Schnitzel and Ayam, our beautiful Barnevelder pullets, from the breeder in Judbury last weekend. So far I have been unable to tell which is which or take a decent photo of them. One of them constantly makes the most delightful contented chirping noise; one of them is bolder than the rest and comes out to the food first, but I am yet to work out who is who. They seem to be enjoying their new house but have not ventured into the enclosed yard yet. They are quite shy. All going well, they will start laying around July. This breed produces gorgeous dark brown eggs, one of the reasons I was so keen on them. I have been enjoying going down to feed them morning and evening, even this morning in the bucketing down rain!  It's definitely not a cost effective way to get eggs, as the pullets themselves plus housing materials and feed cost a small fortune, but I'm still very excited to have them.

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  1. Oh enjoy your girls! I've had my barnevelders for four years now and they've never been any trouble and their eggs are so pretty. A delight!