Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second snow

OK, we're mainlanders. We're still excited by snow. Late yesterday afternoon as we ran through our paddock with the dog and took photos, our neighbour Nigel shouted across the road "Welcome to Franklin!" Friends and neighbours from the other end of our road drove up for a look. Down at the bottom of the hill, it was just raining.

In the evening we drove to yoga in Huonville and the snow ran out less than a kilometre from our house. When we got home from yoga, there was a wallaby hopping around inside a fence around a young tree and he was having trouble getting out. Eventually he found the hole in the fence where he had come in and hopped out.

Later, David built a snowman at the back door. It had eyes, nose and a hat, and when we let Baerli out to have a look, she totally freaked out and woofed like a mad thing. Hopeless. Keep an eye out for it on Australia's Funniest Home Videos soon.

The snow fell for most of Monday, but only stayed on the ground after 4pm.
What we woke up to on Tuesday morning. Sun then rain soon melted it.


  1. Ha, ha. Nigella is often tricked by stuffed animals. She keeps thinking that the plastic guide dogs are real and tries to make friends with them. There's also a stuffed ram outside the wool place in Ross. She thought he was real and started growling at him!

  2. Baerli has been freaked out by a Stag Horn (plant) and a life size Bundy Bear at the Goethe Institute in Sydney.
    What a dufus...so funny though.

  3. Hi Susan,

    My wife and I are from Sydney and are sick to death of the place. We too are very seriously contemplating a move to the Huon Valley (just came back from a week checking it out). We will be coming back again in the first half of next year. Would be nice to meet up for a coffee so we can pick your brain if you're interested.

    Steve & Nat

  4. Hey Steve, sorry I had missed your comment until now. That's exactly the same reason we moved. We had wanted to get out of Sydney for years but struggled with where to and how we could afford it. Would be more than happy to meet up for a coffee when you come back. We had some kind people help us out before and after we moved so happy to share what we've learned from them. Get in touch via email sjmoore325 AT hotmail.com & I'll send mobile number.

  5. hi my husband 3children and i are thinking of moving to Geeveston from south australia and are just wondering what it is like there also would we have to travel far to find work?

  6. Geeveston is an absolutely beautiful area but if you need to drive to Hobart to find work be aware that it will take you an hour to get there, and in winter it is likely to be dark/foggy/icy for part of the way. The forestry decline in the area means there are more people out of/looking for work. That said, there's a lot of work happening to revitalise business in the area and some people starting new businesses. Huonville and Kingston are the closest bigger service and employment centres. Good luck!