Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rowing on the Huon

The first week we were here in Franklin one of the local women asked if I'd like to join the women's rowing group that gather at the Living Boat Trust (basically at the end of our road) at 8.30am on a Thursday morning - in winter anyway. Although I've never rowed, I was keen to give it ago, partly because I need the exercise and partly because the Huon River is so stunning, it seems criminal not to get out on it. However, despite two other local ladies asking since, I had so far piked out. Mainly because I've failed to organise my workload so that I could pop down for an hour or so and not feel chained to the computer. Finally this morning I went along - what fun! Sadly I'll miss next week as I'll be in Sydney, but I'll definitely do it again. Below are some of the wooden boats. Deb, Lorrie and I went out in the white one.

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