Sunday, July 11, 2010

Raspberries are in

Raspberries are my favourite fruit. I spent a year in Germany 20-odd years ago, and the family I lived with were fruit and vegetable dealers. I remember being able to sit down and polish off an entire punnet - heaven. And when David and I visited Tasmania two years ago, I think the best meal I had (and there were plenty of good ones) was a simple cup of fresh raspberries with a dollop of cream on top at the Salamanca Market. Today I planted my first crop, two different varieties of canes bought at a local nursery. Hopefully the summer after next they will bear fruit. The orange flags are an attempt to discourage one large dog from barreling through them as she hurtles around the paddock.


  1. So envious- haven't planted any raspberries at our block yet. It's funny that your dog is the same - they love the space! Will keep an eye out at Nigella's favourite dog beach at Kingston for you!

  2. The doggie beach at Kingston is great! It won't be hard to spot us - Bernese Mountain Dog often running manically in large circles. Will keep an eye out for Nigella.