Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Timely arrival of new phone

As if this week hasn't been exciting enough, on Friday I found out that I had been selected to receive a free sexy new HTC Desire phone from Telstra as part of a 'social reviewer' program they are running. I collected it from the local post office at lunchtime today. The posties don't come this far up the hill, so we now have a daily trip to our PO box and a lovely friendly postmistress at the cute little post office in Franklin instead.

But back to mobile phones... I've been a happy long-term Vodafone customer, and up here at home on the hill I actually have great reception on their network. Trouble is, when I drive down the road I get no service at all mostly. So I'd been thinking about (reluctantly) moving over to Telstra's Next G mobile network anyway, when I got a call from Telstra saying I can try it out for free for a couple of weeks! Perfect timing.

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