Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new home office

In case you'd like to see where I'm now working, here is an early pic. Still have some organising and filing to do, and a few things I need to buy (like a waste paper basket) but I love it already. Certainly can't complain about the view. Also it is very quiet and easy to concentrate. And I'm surrounded by all my gadgets and stationery items. There is a reason David won't allow me to go into an Officeworks store unsupervised... luckily there isn't a stationery shop in Franklin.

This morning Baerli decided to take over the beanbag in my office... that is, when she's not romping around the paddock or staring at the white goat across the road.


  1. Can I now officially hate you? :) Seriously gorgeous view and hugs to Baerli, she knows comfort when she sees it :)

  2. Throw any hate my way Debs... I'll just have to find a way to get you down here for CF NYE :-) The cats are still pretty wary but venturing out to explore slowly.