Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cha cha cha

Learning ballroom dancing has been on my bucket list for years, for a few reasons. I love dancing, and really miss it since giving up ballet all those years ago. Unlike ballet, ballroom dancing is something you can keep doing all your life. Opportunities to bop away on the dance floor or to a band are rarer these days. And I hate going to social occasions and watching others dance. Boring.

It was just a pity that all the classes were in Hobart, and I knew I wouldn't manage to drive in after work for classes every week. Then I spotted that Long-Steps Ballroom Dancing was starting a beginners class not far from us, every Wednesday night at the Soldier's Memorial Hall in Ranelagh, and decided to give it a go. So far I've learnt the evening three step, tangoette, the rumba and a few simple progressive dances, and today I went to a Saturday workshop on cha cha cha. It's so much fun.

David and I tried a couple of lessons over the years, including swing dancing which we thought would be great, but didn't really enjoy it. The dancers were fine, but they weren't good teachers. So here's the difference at Long Steps. Lindsey and Ian are very good at explaining things clearly and simply and getting everyone moving. It might feel a little awkward at first, but before you know it, things click and suddenly you're dancing away. It's great exercise for the brain as well as the body. I'm surprised how puffed I can get when we do a quick progressive jive as a warm up!

If you've ever thought about it, come along and give it a try. A new dance is taught each month, and we go over some old ones and do some easy progressive numbers to start the class. They also offer private lessons for those who would like some help or to learn something for a special occasion, like a wedding. Advanced classes are coming to the Huon Valley sometime too, so for those who have danced before, keep an eye on the Long-Steps Facebook page.

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