Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Road trip to Launceston

Every day, many Tasmanian business people and public servants drive the 2.5 hour stretch between Hobart and Launceston for meetings. It seems crazy in the age of Skype and conference calls, but I guess sometimes face-to-face is best. Those making the trek regularly complain about the ongoing roadworks (improvements) on the Midland Highway, but it didn't bother me much on my brief road trip north last week. In fact, the road is looking great, much better than even a few years back. I drove north for a small gathering of communications and PR people at Saint John Craft Beer - a Launceston institution - and back the next morning.

I stayed at Auldington, an old convent with lovely views over the city and fully renovated, modern rooms inside. It turned out to be great value for money and only a short walk from the centre of town. As I've said before, Launceston grows on me with every visit.  In the frosty dark morning, I ran up Cataract Gorge to the suspension bridge and walked back down the Zig Zag Track. On the drive north, I stopped at Redlands Distillery, and at Oatlands for a late breakfast on the way back. If you have a favourite spot to stop on the Midland Highway, please let me know!

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