Friday, April 7, 2017

Hazy days of autumn

As the temperatures start to drop and the summer bushfire danger abates, the forest burn offs begin. Some are conducted by Forestry Tasmania, some by Parks & Wildlife and some by private land managers with permits from the Tasmanian Fire Service. Many people hate it due to the thick smoke and pollution it causes (and the health risks for those with breathing difficulties) and due to the risk of fires getting out of control, like one in the north of Tasmania this week. I'm in two minds about it, living right next to forestry plantations, many privately managed. I'd prefer a few fuel reduction burns now to out of control bushfires next summer in dense bush with poor access for firefighters, but agree with the concerns above. And I'd still prefer we farm timber than destroy more old growth forest that may never regenerate. The water bombing helicopter has been flying past our place since 6.45am today, I guess to make sure the burns from the last couple of days are out. Hope the haze clears and we have clear blue skies again soon.

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