Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Snow Day

Today was a 'snow day'. Usually that means kids get to stay home from school (and some people can't get to work) so you play in the snow, make snowmen, cook, read, bicker, sit by the fire and get cosy. Everyone gets excited about a snow day. But it's school holidays this week, so a little different I guess. It's the first decent snow we've had this winter, after last year's record dump. I got up early to put some bread in the oven. After breakfast and before work, it was time to head out into the snow with the dogs. You can spot their Swiss heritage. They absolutely LOVE the snow, even old Baerli skips like a puppy in it. They lie in it, eat it, run, leap and play. Snow day for dogs, you could say.

1 comment:

  1. Sue - love the photos of Bearlie and Gretchen - they're in their element!

    Ellie x