Friday, June 10, 2016

The big wet

After the big dry came the big wet. With devastating effect. I don't need to tell anyone in Tasmania how wet it has been over the past week. The floods in the north and north west of the state this week have resulted in loss of life and livestock and an awful lot of damage to property. It's when we are grateful to live at 450 metres above sea level.

On Sunday I drove for four hours to get home from a conference at Four Mile Creek on the east coast, which was being lashed by rain, wind and huge waves at the time. The fields on both sides of the road were flooded with brown, churning water and the creeks and rivers had broken their banks. There was water and debris on the road in places, but not bad enough to close the highway. It was quite a drive, but we all got back without incident. As much as I wanted to, it wasn't easy to stop and take photos so I am including here a few taken by a friend* from another car.

* Photo credit: Joanna Siejka

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