Sunday, September 21, 2014

Up a country lane

When we first moved here, I started exploring our immediate area on foot. I would drive to the start of a road leading up from the Huon River, park at the bottom, and walk to the top of the road. Just to see what was up there, and the view of course. I haven't done that in a while, so today I walked up Castle Forbes Road, then Harwood Road and down Fourfoot Road to Geeveston, where I got on the Tassielink bus back to the car at Castle Forbes Bay.

As I climbed higher, I noticed a familiar smell in the air... leatherwood! The leatherwood trees are in flower - you can see one in the picture above. "I hope the bees are busy making honey," I thought, then looked up to my left and saw a collection of white hive boxes on the hillside. I love leatherwood honey.

It was a lovely walk on a sunny day, with the rivulet running alongside for much of the way and something new around every corner. Chooks, cows, birds, blossoms... and two NBN satellite dishes at the top.

The bus driver told me he used to live near the top of that hill as a kid and had to walk that way to school every day. Hmm... nice walk for me, but perhaps not one he ever wants to do again.

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