Thursday, August 7, 2014


Two blueberry bushes, two plum trees, two cherry trees and one peach from Woodbridge Fruit Trees are the latest additions to our little orchard. Which so far has produced not one piece of fruit. Well, except for a few apples that Baerli ate direct from the tree long before they were ready. That's why they are now fenced.

As I dug holes for each of the trees, I pulled out fragments of glass, ceramics (like pieces of plates or tea cups with blue patterns on), pieces of rusted iron, slabs of 'cement' or more accurately rocks with mortar... almost every hole I've dug here has uncovered similar bits and pieces. I wonder where they came from? As far as I know this land was just forestry before. We have found an old forestry 'road' going up into the bush behind our house. Luckily, I know a few local history experts to ask.

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