Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How cold is cold?

Friends from Sydney sometimes find it hard to understand why I like living in Tasmania because "it's so cold". Well, define cold. This week I've been on the east coast of the US for work, first in Stamford, Connecticut where it was -16 degrees Celsius and a little windy the first day I was there. Ouch. A five minute walk across the road was a painful experience for any exposed piece of flesh. Outdoor activities were pretty much off the agenda.

On Friday and Saturday I was in New York where the weather was a lot milder, mostly between 8 and 12 degrees. So 'quite warm' by my new Tasmanian standards. Each time I visit New York I aim to see a few new things. Below are some photos from my brief visit to that great city this week. Later today I'll be back in the Huon Valley where many people are complaining about the heat - it is supposed to reach 39 degrees! David has put on the air conditioning (what Tasmanians call a 'heat pump') already in preparation.

Took the 'tram' (gondola) to visit a friend on Roosevelt Island 
Urban squirrel on Roosevelt Island
Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
Fog on the Hudson River
One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)
9/11 Memorial

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