Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A very social Sunday

The social season is in full swing. Some dear friends visited us from Sydney on the weekend and we enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon and evening of eating, drinking and catching up at home. 

To make up for it, we sure packed a lot in on Sunday. After home laid eggs on home made bread for breakfast, we visited Cygnet Market (right), Cygneture Chocolates and Hartzview Vineyard (to purchase spiced apple mead), had lunch on the terrace at Peppermint Bay, stopped in at the Homeland Delights store at the Margate Train for some German treats, then headed to the Longley International Hotel, where we listened to some lovely reggae/ska/funk from local Tassie band Lively Up and enjoyed a beer or two in the sun. What a top spot with a good crowd. We made a short stop at home to feed the animals and make my favourite basil dip with pita chips to take to share at the Sunday night classic movie at The Palais Theatre. This month's movie was What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, a 1962 film of the genre variously called "psycho-biddy" or "hag horror" and starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford . It was truly awful, in a funny way.

Pickers hut at Hartzview
Flowers at Hartzview
The Hartzview cat
Peppermint Bay
The Longley Hilton
Beer garden


  1. Sounds like a great day-so much to do here at this time of year, as they say and even though it makes me cringe to say it, 'Love this place!'

  2. 'twas a grand day.