Sunday, November 18, 2012

Huon Show 2012

I used to love the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and now it's the Huon Show we go to every year. I love seeing all the animals, the crafts and baking, the stalls with local produce and the annual events like the dog jumping, woodchopping, draught horses, the ute muster and the bullock dray. Three of our friends just about scooped the pool in the various baking categories like bread, cakes and scones as well as the fresh vegetable and herb baskets. Yesterday we were there early as the Living Boat Trust needed a lend of our tent, and we were lucky enough to catch the Bernese Mountain Dogs from local Hobart breeder Cloudforest as they trotted around the ring (we got pats and cuddles afterwards). The weather wasn't as hot as in 2011, and it was lovely to bump into so many people we know.

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  1. It was a great day wasnt it, i did see you yesterday in the distance. I was down there helping in the school exhibitions setting up on friday and helping on saturday.
    Also my daughter entered the Huon Ambassador contest and my son (4) won a bag of lollies in the Huon Junior contest, he was too busy entertaining the crown with silly faces.
    What a great job some of the local community members do in setting up the show. In the section i helped out in, One lady spends 4 days every year setting up and cleaning the exhibition.
    Looking forward to the next one.
    (i also bought some Franks pear cider, very nice)