Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small joys

Today was full of small things that made me happy.
  • Positive feedback about my team at work.
  • The new butcher (Ziggy's) that has just opened in Huonville sells 'continental smallgoods', including some of my favourite German style cold meats like Paprikawurst, Schinkenwurst and Lachsschinken. I couldn't help but buy some. It's all made at his premises in Moonah. He can count me as a regular customer, that's for sure.
  • The hens laid two eggs for the second day in a row. One of them started laying an egg every few days in late June, but now production has expanded and soon we'll be eating quiches, cakes and eggs for breakfast again. Can't wait.
  • I have made it though the first 10 days of Dry July.
  • Cooked a delicious Massaman curry for dinner.
  • Made some progress on the jigsaw puzzle.
As I said, small things. But nice ones.

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