Saturday, June 2, 2012

From blog to book

To keep a record of our first 12 months in Tasmania, and share it with a few family and friends who are more "offline" kinds of people, last year I turned my blog into a book using a service called Blog2Print. You can choose a cover, hard or soft, photos for the front and back, select which posts to include if you wish, a title and so on. After our second year here, I did the same thing with another year's worth of posts. A few weeks later, these glossy books showed up in the post. Easy!


  1. Hi Susan I'd love to hear your thoughts on the layout, quality and price. I really want to0 do this as well! J x

  2. It's not exactly cheap Jane, but I only did 4 copies so with postage etc... $50+ each. The best thing to do is sign up, upload your blog for a test, then wait until they email you a 20% off or free shipping deal. The quality is very good - cover, paper stock, colour etc.