Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sydney to Hobart

A nice bloke who David used to work with was on the yacht Terra Firma in this year's Sydney to Hobart race, and yesterday (after having dinner with friends at the Shipwright's Arms) we managed to see them cross the finish line and then say hello at Constitution Dock. He has been in the Sydney to Hobart race nine times. To me the whole thing seems an incredibly amazing feat. And when you get up close to these boats and see the size of them and the high-tech equipment on board, it's even more impressive. It was a beautiful warm day in Hobart yesterday, but there wasn't a lot of wind to help the yachts get along the Derwent River to the finish line.

We also popped in to the Taste Festival but have to say didn't enjoy it. I guess being in packed hot places with long queues and nowhere to sit was what we were trying to get away from in moving from Sydney. Maybe we'll pop in again at a different time if we're back in Hobart this week.

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